Key Club Scholarship application

Subject: Kiwanis Key Club Scholarships

Dear Fellow Key Clubbers,


Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have been unable to recover any scholarship applications previously sent to George Crowl  by email. 


Please let any of your Senior key clubbers (other than the 3 individuals listed below), who applied for our scholarship(s) know that, unfortunately, they will have to RESUBMIT  their forms  to me at or by snail mail (my address is listed below).  I have 3 forms sent to Mr Crowl by snail mail from  Michael c. Han, Byriah, and Divya Yadavalli. These 3 applications DO NOT HAVE TO BE RESUBMITTED !!!


ALL  OTHER APPLICATIONS NEED  to be sent  TO ME TO ARRIVE  PRIOR TO MAY 31ST.  We in the Kiwanis Club of Cy-Fair, Houston are sorry about the inconvenience.


My Mailing Address Is:

Mary Lawrence

16618 Shimmering Lake Drive

Cypress, Texas 77433

Kiwanis contact information

Kiwanis Club of Cy-fair

Contact: Sylvia Maly



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